Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of dried apricots and the majority of the product is coming from Malatya region. The quality and characteristics of the product is unique in the world.

Thorugh our contract manufacturers we are pleased to supply you with the sweetest apricots grow in the valleys of the Malatya region in Turkey. Dried apricots we supply are prepared from sound, mature, fresh apricots which have been wasted, cut, pitted, sulfured and sun dried.

Sweet Malatya apricots are full of flavor, with a delicate aroma. Dried slab apricots are the sweetest and moistest of the bunch -They are being picked up when they are fully ripe, resulting in a natural, sweet flavor and wonderful aroma when dried. They are very moist and delicious.

All dried apricots are mechanically washed and selected. They are oven-dried for the optimum moisture content and checked on lighted belt tables for defects and impurities. In the final phase, dried apricots are inspected and packaged to required sizes.

All our dried apricots are prepared according to Turkish and US FDA Quality Standards by our customer demands. All packaged goods are going through metal detection check up.

Storage Conditions

Recommended to store in a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated environment away from strong odours. Ideal storage temperature is between 8-12 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity below 50%.