Köksal Özer

Our company was construced on 2005 with the 40 years experience of our founder Köksal Özer, and has become a major professional company in the dried sultana business, by strictly following the technological advances in production, processing and marketing techniques.

Learning very quickly of the high quality standards required by the European Markets, our company has taken its rightful place within the main Turkish exporters Sultana Raisins. Köksal Özer Inc, commercial experience has been esteemed for over 40 years is one of the leading packers and exporters of dried seedless Sultana Raisins, and traders of Apricots and Hazelnut.Origin from TURKEY, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, UZBEKISTAN, CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA. The company is located at Manisa, Turkey, a region which is known as the most fertile and highest quality growing area of vine yards in the Aegean Region.



Our company mission is to present our processing expertise and to work closely with our customer to continue to enhance the quality of our products and services.


Our aim is to become the most preferred brand by buyers and consumers and to strengthen its position in the area of dried fruit exporters.