Through our contract manufacturers we are pleased to supply you with hazelnuts grow in the Black Sea coastline in Turkey that is one of the few countries in the world having a favourable climate for hazelnut production.

The production area is spread densely all along the Black Sea coast. Hazelnut orchards extend up to 30 km in land. Although the production is greatly affected by climatic conditions, as are most agricultural products, hazelnut production in Turkey is showing an upward trend.

All of our hazelnut products are of highest possible quality. We take extreme care of our product during every stage of growth while control every stage of production and distribution. When you are purchasing from Köksal Özer you can count on receiving the highest quality product available anywhere in the world.

Storage Conditions

Recommended to store in a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated environment away from strong odours. Ideal storage temperature is between 10-15 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity max 65%.